Sunday, 14 February 2016

Popcorn writing


What do you think when I say popcorn? Think of your 5 senses, 
Think of the making process. Think of what you can hear.
Do you hear the sound of a whirring hair dryer, then the sound of rain or hail as the seeds are poured inside the popcorn machine, then suddenly out of nowhere BOOM! POP! POW! AAAAAAAAAA!!! All I heard was continuous popping.

Now the smell of the popcorn,
How it smells as fresh and as buttery as a field of perfect yellow butter-cups. 

Now how about what you see?
Do you see a whirlpool of corn that you know any minute now will turn into popcorn, and when it does it spits up into the air it looks like a fluffy cloud soaring over planet earth. 

Oh what about the taste, the last thing you get to do. Do you love how it tastes mild but you know that it's such a treat. The thing that I don't really like about the taste of popcorn is the dryness. It's probably as dry as a golden, sandy desert.

And that's all.
So next time you eat and make popcorn make sure that you think of your 5 senses.

By Billie, Bronte and Lulu. 

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