Wednesday, 29 July 2015


For science I have been learning about our local waterways. As a class we looked at a range of topics which included looking at the importance of invertebrates, impact of pollution and to educate the public.

Some of the resources we used we're going on school trips. The first place we went to was the water pumping station. We went to the water pumping station because it showed us how the water got around to all the different places safely. The second place we went to was the groynes. At the groynes we learnt about the importance of invertebrates and they also taught our class how to find invertebrates,also how to tell the difference between them.  

For our end of term celebration, I chose to focus on water monitoring. Water monitoring is one of the ways to see if the water is polluted. It includes testing the pH, turbidity, TDS (total dissolved solids), the smell and the temperature.   

I enjoyed doing water monitoring because you learn heaps of things that you don’t learn every day also it’s fun trying to test the water a learning about all the equipment. The most challenging thing was getting all the work done in time for the end of term celebration.     

For writing we got to choose a invertebrate to learn more about their everyday life. I chose a common Smelt, these are some of the facts i’ve learnt.
Smelt are known as cucumber fish 
They are canervills (they eat meat)
Smelt threats are loss of habitats, fishing
Those are only some of the facts I learnt.

By Bronte     

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