Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Water monitoring process

Water monitoring process

First we filled a little jar with fresh river water.Then We checked the PH of the water to see if the water was healthy. We checked the pH with this yellow strip of paper which was called indicator paper. You dip the the paper into the water and wait to till it has changed colour then take it out and see if it is healthy water. We check the PH because if the water is too acidic it is bad for the living things in it.

Secondly we had to check the temperature of the water with a thermometer we did that by sticking the thermometer in the water and waiting till the red line has reached a number then you take it out.


We had to check the turbidity .We checked the turbidity with a journal which had 4 numbers 9,14,24,40, the numbers we can see through the water will depend on how clear or cloudy the water is. We did this because if the water is cloudy it means that there must be sand or dirt it the water. This can affect the living things which we need to have in the water to keep the water healthy.

Fourthly we check the water to see if it smelled funny. We did this because it is important to make sure that the water doesn't smell funny because if it does there must be something harmful in the water polluted it.

Overall, we discovered that most of the time are water was healthy and I also learnt that it is important to look after water, and I also learnt how careful you should be with water.


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