Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Testing the PH

                              Testing the PH

We want to test vinegar because we want to find out how acidic vinegar and what the PH is. We are trying two different vinegars to see if they have a different PH.Vinegar number one is white vinegar. We predict that the PH of this is 5. Number two is raw Apple cider vinegar.  We think that this is going to be the most acidic  one and it might turn to yellow or orange.


Number one (white vinegar)                            

PH 3


Dark orange

Went dark straight away

This one is more acidic

Number two (Raw  Apple cider vinegar)

PH 4


Light orange

Went light orange fast

This one is less acidic       


We discovered that raw apple cider vinegar is less acidic than white vinegar. We think this is

because the sugar makes it more natural.

By Auzu,Evie and Bronte

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