Monday, 27 April 2015

How lightning came to be in the sky

How lightning came to be in the sky

Many years ago there was there a God called Uira God of land he was so so so bossy. There was a boy called Rangi he loves lightning and adventures and he is not afraid of anything.

One day Rangi decided that he would go fishing and he wanted it to be a secret so that he could prove that he is better than his brothers so he did. He chose the best sunshine day ever and when that day came Rangi tip toed and pulled the waka out to the glittering blue sea. He rowed out deeper and deeper into the water till it was perfect. It then got really cold so he decided to go back home.

When Rangi got home it was so so cold that he had to light a fire. That night there was a mighty thunderstorm. There was thunder and lightning. The thunderstorm was very very long, so long that Rangi was so angry with Uira about the thunderstorm so he said to Uira "why did you make lightning on the ground!? Me and my whanau have been up all night minding our burns. Why don't you have it in the sky? Why why why!!! "Uira was so taken back to be honest he never had thought of it. Well why not! So that is why lightning is now in the sky.

By Bronte

How lightning came to be in the sky

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