Sunday, 14 February 2016

Popcorn writing


What do you think when I say popcorn? Think of your 5 senses, 
Think of the making process. Think of what you can hear.
Do you hear the sound of a whirring hair dryer, then the sound of rain or hail as the seeds are poured inside the popcorn machine, then suddenly out of nowhere BOOM! POP! POW! AAAAAAAAAA!!! All I heard was continuous popping.

Now the smell of the popcorn,
How it smells as fresh and as buttery as a field of perfect yellow butter-cups. 

Now how about what you see?
Do you see a whirlpool of corn that you know any minute now will turn into popcorn, and when it does it spits up into the air it looks like a fluffy cloud soaring over planet earth. 

Oh what about the taste, the last thing you get to do. Do you love how it tastes mild but you know that it's such a treat. The thing that I don't really like about the taste of popcorn is the dryness. It's probably as dry as a golden, sandy desert.

And that's all.
So next time you eat and make popcorn make sure that you think of your 5 senses.

By Billie, Bronte and Lulu. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Woodend camp

Woodend camp

“The wheels on the bus go round and round” chanted all the children, we sang and sang to finally we had come to a holt. 

We all started to pile out of the bus and started to rummage around to try find our bags. 

By the time we had found our bags we had set off to our cabin, “The Spice Girls”, as we had named it. Luckily our cabin was straight next to the toilets. So that fixes the long night walk to the bathroom. 

After the “Who's on top bunk” debate was over we headed out to get ready for our first meal, morning tea. There were piles of lollie cake, chocolate Brownies and cakes coated with icing. 

I hope next time I go, will be just as fun.

By Bronte Morgan 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Trip to the glaciers

Trip to the glaciers 
It was one of those bitter cold days in Franz-Josef that my family decided to see the glaciers. When we arrived I shut the car door a huge gust of icy wind whizzed past my frozen face. The time was already 10:00 so we decided to set off. We walked past massive chunks of ice cubes, some were floating around on chilled out rivers like stranded ice islands. It had already been 2 hours before we reached a gigantic look out based on a iced cliff face. I decided to have a good look around to get my barrings. I stumbled over nervously to the metal rails, then I took a snippet of a look down. It felt like I was standing on at least 50 skyscrapers. I felt this seedy feeling wash over me. Well that's all I can remember about Franz Josef.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hockey A team poem

Hockey A Team 

Butterflies tumble,
throughout our stomach.
The excitement rushes,
up your spine, 
turns everything upside down.
Tie your damp shoe laces,
before the game starts.
Hear the whistle blow,
Here we come... 
Race as fast as we can,
getting the ball, 
down the long field,
The balls gets closer,
and closer to the goal,
Then  finally, 
The ball hit the goal line. 
Victory in the air,
For the A hockey team!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


For science I have been learning about our local waterways. As a class we looked at a range of topics which included looking at the importance of invertebrates, impact of pollution and to educate the public.

Some of the resources we used we're going on school trips. The first place we went to was the water pumping station. We went to the water pumping station because it showed us how the water got around to all the different places safely. The second place we went to was the groynes. At the groynes we learnt about the importance of invertebrates and they also taught our class how to find invertebrates,also how to tell the difference between them.  

For our end of term celebration, I chose to focus on water monitoring. Water monitoring is one of the ways to see if the water is polluted. It includes testing the pH, turbidity, TDS (total dissolved solids), the smell and the temperature.   

I enjoyed doing water monitoring because you learn heaps of things that you don’t learn every day also it’s fun trying to test the water a learning about all the equipment. The most challenging thing was getting all the work done in time for the end of term celebration.     

For writing we got to choose a invertebrate to learn more about their everyday life. I chose a common Smelt, these are some of the facts i’ve learnt.
Smelt are known as cucumber fish 
They are canervills (they eat meat)
Smelt threats are loss of habitats, fishing
Those are only some of the facts I learnt.

By Bronte     

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Compare and contrasting

Compare and contrasting                                                                

Water boatman & Smelt

The water boatman is a tiny invertebrate that lives in a  freshwater habitat. A water boatmen has stripes that run along its oval shaped  body. The water boatman had 6 legs and it has 3 body parts which are the head,thorax and abdomen. The water boatmen uses bubbles to breath under water. The water boatman's threats are loss of habitat due to pollution.

In contrast the smelt, another freshwater species, Is the smallest fish in the world and it has scales along its thin body. The smelt also has four shiny little fins. Unlike the water boatman's breathing technique the smelt needs gills to breathe in water . The smelts threats are similar to the waterboatman because it is also threatened by loss of habitat due to pollution, but the smelt have another different threat which is people fishing for them, even though smelt are hard to catch.

It is unusual that the smelt is also threatened by the water boatman because they can eat and the Whitebait, which is a baby smelt, but when the smelt is an adult they are predators of waterboatman.

By Bronte and John


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Water monitoring process

Water monitoring process

First we filled a little jar with fresh river water.Then We checked the PH of the water to see if the water was healthy. We checked the pH with this yellow strip of paper which was called indicator paper. You dip the the paper into the water and wait to till it has changed colour then take it out and see if it is healthy water. We check the PH because if the water is too acidic it is bad for the living things in it.

Secondly we had to check the temperature of the water with a thermometer we did that by sticking the thermometer in the water and waiting till the red line has reached a number then you take it out.


We had to check the turbidity .We checked the turbidity with a journal which had 4 numbers 9,14,24,40, the numbers we can see through the water will depend on how clear or cloudy the water is. We did this because if the water is cloudy it means that there must be sand or dirt it the water. This can affect the living things which we need to have in the water to keep the water healthy.

Fourthly we check the water to see if it smelled funny. We did this because it is important to make sure that the water doesn't smell funny because if it does there must be something harmful in the water polluted it.

Overall, we discovered that most of the time are water was healthy and I also learnt that it is important to look after water, and I also learnt how careful you should be with water.